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How to Roast Your Own Punkin!

Fan of doing it yourself? Leery of canned goods? Want the taste of actual pumpkin? Too broke to buy a lot of canned punkin?

Oh friend, you’re in luck. All of these can be alleviated by just roasting your own pumpkin whole! In the autumn, pie pumpkins and other squash/goards are in season and cheap as hell ($1.50-$3.00 a pop). You’ll want a pie pumpkin, not one of those behemoths you carve into Jack O’ Lanterns because they aren’t bred for taste or sweetness. Types of pie punkins include: Small sugar, New England, and Autumn Gold. They’re smaller than carving varieties.

Once you have a pumpkin, give it a rinse to remove any dirt, then stab it all slasher-horror style. This is excellent stress release… also steam release for the pumpkin as it cooks. Give it 5-10 good stabs, more or less depending on size. Place it in a metal or glass oven-safe pan and roast at 375 F for 35-80 minutes. You’ll know it’s done because steam and juice will be bubbling out of the entrance wounds you inflicted and the skin (now darker) will yield to a fork. Let it cool for at least an hour.

Once cool, you can either remove the stem, peel the skin, and dive right in or bisect it for ease. Either way, remove the seeds and snotty orange pieces connecting them (if you want to save the seeds, just put them in a bowl of water to clean them off) and separate the skin from the yellow to dark orange flesh. The consistency will vary between a fine dark puree and golden fibrous pieces- just grab them all. I like to squish it between my fingers to homogenize the texture and get out any straggling seeds.

You can use a food processor, potato masher, or immersion blender to even out the consistency. The pumpkin can be frozen, used immediately, or good in the fridge for a week and a half! 

Happy kitchen witchery and may goard be with you.


Недавно пересмотрела первый фильм. До сих пор считаю его лучшим.


Недавно пересмотрела первый фильм. До сих пор считаю его лучшим.

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This headcanon has received two stages of life:

The first occurred when Jason was wearing his gaudy purple blazer and Hannibal Chau glasses and I off-handedly said: You look like Hannibal Chau’s gay brother Murray.

The second developed this evening as Jamie and I puffed on cigars at a bar and speculated about Hannibal Chau’s smoking habits- because you know the man appreciates a fine cigar. Probably a custom blend ringed with his own seal in gold. And he puffs them dutifully, even though his ancient Jewish mother disapproves.

And then Murray.

Murray is Hannibal Chau’s little brother (who happens to be gay) who has failed at just about every business venture he’s set his hand to. His mother imperiously urges Hannibal (who she calls Ira) to hire his hapless brother for his “International Corporation”. Momma Chau has no idea her son is involved with the kaiju black market, all she knows is she has rent and season tickets to the Met for life and can brag to all of her girlfriends over majhong. Too many times Hannibal has been tempted to send her calls to voicemail, but knows better- including a poorly-timed one while he was wheeling and dealing with Newton Geiszler- who would probably be described my Momma Chau as “a nice boy”.

Oh. Also Murray is played by Tom Waits.

Because Tom Waits and Ron Perlman were separated at birth or something….

….dear Guillermo….


i tried to find a dupe for atomic bc im not paying $30 for a lipgloss and i found this etsy store and im just heart eyes emoji. also the store is called fiercemagenta!!!



Well you see princeowl, a plethora of physical traits are carried through DNA sequencing. Pop punk and beautiful people have an additional, lesser known pair of nucleotides known as P and B. Furthermore in some individuals, the occurrence of P and B only mean that that individual is destined to love peanut butter, while in a scant .07%, the individual’s mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell) are so metal as fuck that they produce extra energy so that they may become SO POP PUNK AND BEAUTIFUL.



has anyone ever thought that maybe Katara doesn’t want to fight?

that maybe she figures she’s done all her fighting in her youth and now she’s old and tired and just wants to heal people? And that’s it?

that she could be kicking ass with bending but instead she’s kicking ass by helping people heal, including getting the Avatar to take her first steps in months after a traumatic injury? And that she’s still considered the greatest healer in the entire world of healers and people go across oceans to be healed by her because she’s that great??? 

has anyone considered that maybe there are more ways to be a badass old lady than violence and fighting????????