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okay but seriously i can’t be the only one who finds that guy who did the ice bucket challenge cute i mean he looks adorable come on guys

Dude, no, he’s freaking adorable. Even moreso sopping wet.



(And oops, I wrote something quick and scrappy to go with it.)

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Anonymous asked
Just out of curiosity (RE: the Lars Gottlieb thing), what would you mean by "actual problematic relationship"? I agree with you in that writing Lars as Actually Legitimately Satan is going a bit far, but what do you think is a reasonable or more believable line?

Problematic relationships are problematic because there are two sides to the story. While one party may be morally correct or being mistreated (in this case, Hermann) there are Lars’ reasons to consider.

A lot of people have problematic relationships with their parents from petty disagreements to severe abuse. I have a problematic relationship with my parents. They raised me, they love me deep down and I love them, but they don’t understand my gender identity or my partnership with a trans man but don’t take active steps to try and understand. They have their reasons, which are morally wrong- but it’s still problematic.

I think once upon a time, if Lars existed, based on the nascent data we have about him- I think Hermann was his pride and joy. Perhaps he put a lot of pressure on him to succeed, but I don’t think he berated Hermann about it like we see in fics. Hermann is a genius, gifted, and went into the same line of work as Lars, so why wouldn’t he be proud? I believe the decision to build the wall vs. sticking with the jaegers is what drove them a part. As is the case with arguments, in addition to seeing the other person is in opposition, you start noticing their flaws. Maybe that made the rift deeper.

I’m not excusing abusive behavior. Some parents weren’t supposed to be parents or don’t deserve their children. But relationships- particularly strained or dissolved ones between families are seldom simple or single faceted.


okay i’m a little bit in the dark as to what lars gottlieb actually did in extended canon which makes interpretations of him being abusive so prominent anyway. is this just one of those things that was never touched upon in the books just like a one sentence of “hermann has a bad relationship with his father” or what the fuck ever that fans just take to making headcanons for?

To my knowledge, the ‘bad relationship with his Dad’ and the ‘disagreement over the wall’ has been snowballed by much of the fandom as “inhuman douchelord”.

I think fans like it because it explains why Hermann is so stodgy and had that flashback of him crying. Also Lar presents a smaller, human villain for Hermann to overcome.

Personally, I think it’s lazy as hell. Spawn of Satan is easy to write, an actual, problematic relationship (which a lot of people develop with their parents) is not.


the-oxford-english-fangeek hey hey hey have you seen this interview where Charlie talks about Newt Geiszler cosplayers and is disappointed there aren’t more of them?

Come to a con, Charlie, you’ll amass an army of Newts. Hope you like babby queers